Mold Issues

June 9, 2015

We had mold in our home several years ago. And we didn't know what to do or who to go to. So we called Darren Anderson. He helped us with the insurance company, getting them to pay for the damages to our home and the contractors who we had to have to remediate the home. He got it handled for us in a timely manner and were able to not stress about dealing with insurance company and contractor.

All my legal issues. DWA law firm!!

June 9, 2015

I'm orginally from Texas and even tho I live in Florida, I still use him for all counsel I may need. I haven't had a need for an attorney here, but he's handled all my issues from car wrecks, to doctors bills, to my friends divorce. Honest fair and fast!!

The Anderson Law Firm is our TEXAS Firm!

May 27, 2015

Heck, I live in Austin a city jam packed with lawyers and I drive 300 miles for Darren's trusted counsel. Darren and his expert legal team have advised my family on all of our legal issues with excellent results in each case. The firm has assisted our family with personal injury, construction defects, family issues, and criminal cases. One recent case I would like to highlight is Darren and team represented us on a personal injury incident and fought tooth and nail for justice!! The insurance company wanted to settle for 500.00!! My wife's injury was substantial and we thought that was a slap in our faces! We go see Darren and to make a long story short, that 500 ended up being several thousand when the case was resolved. Darren delivered our justice! Darren has even went so far as to advise me on a criminal case my daughter was involved in Arizona, that's right, ARIZONA!. His firm made some calls to the local prosecutor's and legal offices and obtained very helpful information we used to make the correct legal moves in Arizona resulting in a "Case Dismissed" outcome!! That's going above and beyond for his clients. Bottom line is Darren and his expert team are achievers and get positive results. I will testify to that and you folks that live with Darren right in your back yard are blessed to have his firm so close to you because the Anderson Law firm is my TEXAS firm!