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A divorce or custody dispute raises many issues that will affect you, your children, and your finances for years to come. These dilemmas should be handled by an experienced attorney with the insight to guide you to practical decisions and the courtroom savvy to represent you in contested proceedings.

At the Anderson Law Firm we represent clients throughout Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas. We care about what is happening to you and work diligently to find the best available solutions. We represent men and women in divorce and family law cases in both Texas and Arkansas, including military personnel based in Texas but stationed anywhere in the world.

Attorney Darren Anderson leads a capable, efficient team devoted to protecting your rights and respecting your personal and financial priorities. We are a full service divorce and family law firm

We pursue amicable, cost-effective resolutions to difficult disputes, applying both legal knowledge and valuable life experience.

Family Law Areas of Practice:

Divorce: We handle both uncontested cases for reasonable fees and contested divorces requiring extensive negotiation, mediation, or aggressive litigation. We have experience in spousal support/alimony (temporary orders and ongoing support).

Property and debt division: From substantial marital estates involving complex business interests and investments to much more modest property divisions, we address all issues, including retirement assets, joint debts, and what to do with the family home.

Child custody: We balance the best interests of your children and the protection of your parental rights, whether you want to fight for custody or work out a shared custody or split custody arrangement. Darren Anderson explains what joint custody and sole custody really mean and strives for sensible, lasting out of court agreements. We also represent never married parents in paternity actions for custody rights or support, and handle Child Protective Services cases.

Visitation: We handle initial determination of parenting time, enforcement of visitation rights, petitions for supervised visitation, and grandparents rights to access.

Child support: We try to ensure fair outcomes in determining initial support, modifications when circumstances changes, or enforcement action for unpaid support.

Post Divorce Modifications: Darren Anderson offers strong advocacy in modifying custody orders, including the hotly contested issue of parental relocation.

Domestic violence: We offer rapid, decisive action to obtain protective orders and help abused people escape destructive situations.

Adoption: We guide parents through the legal complexities of step parent adoptions, cases involving other relatives, and domestic private adoptions. We provide compassionate, effective representation.

Dos & Don'ts - What You Say And Do Matters

DO talk to an attorney. It is always a good idea to know what your legal options are. There is a great deal of information available on the internet or through acquaintances regarding divorce, property division, and child custody issues. Unfortunately, a great deal of information available on the internet is not state-specific; and while your friends can be helpful, every case is unique, and the issues vary.

DO locate and photocopy your financial documents - You will need copies of income tax returns, paycheck stubs, W-2's, 1099's, bank statements, credit card statements, mortgage documents, and retirement account information.

DO attempt to create an inventory of the items in your home - Frequently one party will gain temporary exclusive right to the marital residence, and it can be extremely difficult to create an inventory from memory. It can be useful to either photograph or videotape in order to help you create an accurate inventory.

DO keep an eye on bank accounts and credit card accounts - Neither party should engage in activities such as emptying bank accounts or increasing debt on credit cards. Careful monitoring of those accounts may help prevent financial difficulties later.

DO consider talking with a counselor or therapist. Lawsuits are stressful, and they are emotionally and mentally draining. If you need help, ask.

DO NOT engage in actions that will only serve to further anger your spouse or the other party. This serves no purpose, and can make a resolution extremely difficult to achieve.

DO NOT say anything in a text message, email, voice mail, or telephone conversation that you would not want to be seen or heard in a courtroom.

DO NOT post comments and/or photos on Facebook, MySpace, or any other social networking site that you do not want seen in a courtroom. Monitor the posts that may be left by your friends or family members.

DO NOT expose your children to anyone with whom you may have a dating relationship. This can very detrimental to your children, and can affect you in a custody suit.

DO NO allow anyone whom you may be dating to spend the night in your home. Until a judge signs your Final Decree of Divorce, you are still married. DO NOT rationalize this behavior by stating, "Well, we're separated." In Texas you are married until you are divorced.

DO NOT communicate with a boyfriend/girlfriend by text message, voice mail, cell phone, or email. These items can all be used in court against you. Proof of adultery can cause you to lose custody of your children, and can adversely effect property settlements.

DO NOT talk badly about your spouse or former spouse to your children, or to others where they can hear what is being said. The well-being of your children should always be first in your mind -- it will certainly be on the mind of the judge deciding your case.

DO NOT withhold information from your attorney. The only way your attorney can adequately represent you is if you are honest and forthcoming with all of your information.

DO carefully consider your words and actions - they can effect the outcome of your case.

Darren Anderson Will Help You Through This Difficult Time

Darren Anderson Will Help You Through This Difficult Time