Construction Litigation

Anderson Law Firm: Representing the Construction Industry

At Anderson Law Firm, we understand the business of construction litigation and take an industry-specific approach to planning. When a dispute arises, we are able to handle it with our in-depth understanding of the industry. 

The Anderson Law Firm Counsels Clients In All Aspects Of Construction Projects

Prior to attending law school, Darren Anderson worked in the construction industry and was involved in the design and construction phases of commercial and industrial construction projects.

Mr. Anderson counsels clients in all aspects of the construction, development, and design processes involving government and private projects. He represents owners (private and public), general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, sureties, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Darren Anderson Has The Valuable Experience You Need

He has been involved in a wide variety of large, complex construction projects, including commercial and governmental office buildings, hospitals, airports, and large-scale residential and home-building projects.

Mr. Anderson has trial experience in numerous construction defect cases and contract disputes for the material supplier, contractor, the commercial building owner, and the home owner.

Types of Disputes:

Types of Disputes:

Land use disputes
Surety claims
Mechanics liens
Payment and performance bond claims
Extra work; defective work
Scheduling delays and accelerations 
Documentation claims
Differing site conditions
Design disputes